International Board of Directors

Silvia Silverman, International President

Altrusa International of Montgomery, Maryland
District Two

Silvia was officially installed as the International President of Altrusa International, Inc. for the 2015-2017 biennium at the 2015 International Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  Silvia’s service as an International Board Member include her term as President-Elect from 2013-2015, Vice President from 2011-2013 and International Director from 2009-2011. At the District level Silvia served as Governor of District Two in 2006-2008, Governor-Elect, and First and Second Vice Governor. In her club of Montgomery County, Maryland, Silvia has served as a Director for two terms, Vice President for two terms and two terms as President. As International President Elect Silvia is part of the Executive Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Finance Committee in which she also served as International Vice President. At the Post Convention Board Meeting Silvia was appointed to the Redistricting Taskforce As International Director, Silvia served on the Leadership Development Committee and assisted in various task forces. 

Leanne Milligan, International President-Elect

Altrusa International of Te Awamutu, New Zealand
District Fifteen

Currently serves as President-Elect for the 2015-2017 biennium.  As a member of Altrusa since 1994, Leanne has undertaken roles at all levels of Altrusa.  She has held many offices in her club, including that of President and on the District level, she served as Treasurer, First and Second Vice Governor, Governor-Elect and in 2009-2011 as District Governor. Also on the International level, she was a member of the 2001-2003 Bylaws Resolutions and Recommendations Committee and in 2003-2005 chaired the Service Development Committee. In addition, she was a member of the 2009-2011 International Long Range Strategic Planning Committee and Co-chair of the Governor's Council. For fun she took on the role of Convention Convenor for the International Convention held in Rotorua, New Zealand in 2013.

Diane Eberhard, International Vice-President

Altrusa International of Sikeston, Missouri
District Eight

Diane is currently serving as International Vice-President for the 2015-2017 biennium.  She also served as  Second Vice-Governor 2004-2006, First Vice-Governor 2006-2008, Governor-Elect 2008-2011, and as Governor 2011-2013.  Diane provided service as District Webmaster during 2006-2008.  She was the District Communications Chair from 1996-1998 and served as the District Long Range Strategic Planning Trainer.  Diane was President of Altrusa International of Sikeston, MO 1999-2000 and 2005-2006 as well as Director, Vice President and President-Elect.  Diane has also served at the International level as Vice Chair for Communications 2003-2005, Elections Committee Chair 2009, the Governors’ Council Vice-Chair 2011-2013 and International  Director 2013-2015.

Beverly Hardy, International Treasurer

Altrusa International of Starke, Florida
District Three

Beverly has been an Altrusan for 21 years, holding several offices with both her local Club and District Board.  She served as Corresponding Secretary 1996-1997, Vice President of Membership 1997-1998, Vice President of Programs 1998-1999, President 1999-2000, and Club Treasurer 2000-2005 with the Starke, Florida Club.  Beverly has also served as District Three Financial Consultant/Committee Chair 2003-2005, Treasurer 2005-2007, Vice Governor 2007-2009, Governor-Elect 2009-2011, and Governor 2011-2013.  She also served  as Chair of the District Nominating Committee 2013-2015.

Robin Hall, International Director

Altrusa International of Lake City, Florida
District Three

Robin a new International Director for the 2015-2017 biennium, has been an Altrusan since 1999.  Holding positions at the Club, District and International levels, as well as currently serving as an ASTRA advisor for ASTRA Epiphany of Lake City, Florida.  At the club level, Robin served as 2nd Vice President 2002-2003, President-Elect 2003-2004, and President 2004-2005.  At the District level, Robin served as a Director 2005-2007, Governor-Elect 2007-2009, and Governor 2009-2011 for District Three, as well as chaired committees for the electronic distribution of the DSB, the update of District Board and Consultants job descriptions, and the President’s Workshop Training 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012.   Robin also coordinated the Flag Ceremony, compiled club activity report data, served as board liaison to the District Three Foundation, worked with webmaster to update website, and served as awards presenter.  She also served on the 2015 District Nominating Committee.  At the International level, she served on the Elections Committee 2009, conducted Governor-Elect Training 2012, 2014, and served as Vice Chair of the Leadership Development Committee 2011-2015.

Kathleen Howard, International Director

Altrusa International of Tiffin, Ohio
District Five

Kathleen is a new International Director for the 2015-2017 biennium. Joining Altrusa in 1983, Kathleen started with the Fostoria, Ohio Club, serving as Club President 1986-1988, 2002-2004 and also working on the newsletter and website.  She is  currently with the Tiffin, Ohio club, working on whatever committee needs help.  She has served on the District Five Board as Director 2007-2009, Second Vice Governor 2009-2011, Governor-Elect 2011-2013 Webmaster 2005-2013 and DSB Editor 2003-2005.  Kathleen is currently serving as District Five Governor and Vice Chair of the Communications Committee for the 2013-2015 biennium.

Kathy Folley, International Director

Altrusa International of Temple, Texas
District Nine

Kathy, a new International Director for the 2015-2017 biennium, became an Altrusan in 1993 and served as Club President from 1999-2000.  In 2000, she joined the District Nine Board of Directors, subsequently serving as Director, New Club Building Chair, Service Committee Chair, Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Second Vice Governor, First Vice Governor/Program Coordinator, Governor-Elect, and Governor during the 2009-2011 Biennium.  On the International level, she served on the 2007-2009 Long Range Strategic Planning Committee and as Co-Chair of the 2011-2013 Service Committee.

Judy Stubbs, International Director

Altrusa International of Roswell, New Mexico
District Ten

Judy, a new International Director for 2015-2017 biennium, has been an Altrusan since 1985.  Judy, currently the Immediate Past Governor of District Ten, and has been active at all levels of our organization.  She has chaired several committees with her Roswell, New Mexico club, notably the Community Service 1988-1991, Vocational Services 2009-2011 and Orientation 2011-2012 Committees, as well as served as Recording Secretary 1999-2000, Vice President 2001-2002, and President 2002-2003.  Judy has presented at three District Conferences, as well as served as the Conference Committee Co-Chair 1997, 2006.  She was on the District Nominating Committee 2007-2009 and the Co-Chair of the 2013-2015 Governors’ Council.

Ilona A. Kerby, International Past President

Altrusa International of Longview-Kelso, Washington
District Twelve

Ilona assumed her role as the Past International President at the 2015 International Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  Ilona was officially installed as the International President of Altrusa International, Inc. for the 2013-2015 biennium at the 2013 International Convention in Rotorua, New Zealand. It was during the International Convention in Rapid City, South Dakota that she was named President-Elect. A member of Altrusa International of Longview-Kelso since 1987, Ilona has served as International Vice President 2009-2011. In addition, she served as Governor of District Twelve in 2003-2005 and has held various District offices and served as the chair of District and local club committees. She served as President of her Altrusa Club in 1993-1994; and has chaired numerous committees and fundraising efforts.

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