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Altrusans provide humanitarian relief through multiple avenues

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Natural Disasters

The International Foundation is receiving contributions to aid residents in need of support after recent natural disasters left millions displaced and in need of basic goods.

The Disaster Relief Fund’s mission is committed to working with reputable local relief organizations providing immediate, swift aid to the people left devastated in the wake of a disaster. We seek to distribute disaster grants to organizations with 14% or less in administrative costs.

Please click here to visit the Disaster Relief webpage and see how a grant may be requested in your area.

2017 marks the 100th Anniversary for Altrusa International, Inc.  We’ll be celebrating throughout the year, with the highlight being our Centennial Convention held July 21-24, 2017 in Nashville, TN.  More information can be found in our Centennial Celebrations toolkit – we’ve posted historical documents, 100 4 100 challenge information, centennial newsletters, and much more!  Please consider donating to our Centennial fund to help our 100-year dreams come true.

We make our communities better through leadership, partnership and service.

 That is our goal. Founded in 1917, Altrusa is relevant to many civic-minded people who are interested in creating better communities. Last year, Altrusans proudly gave over a million volunteer hours around the world, including clubs in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, Bermuda, Ireland, India, Scotland, New Zealand and Russia.

Several decades ago, Altrusa decided to institute literacy as an area of focus for the organization; since then, service areas have expanded to include HIV/AIDS and disaster relief. During our last biennium, Altrusans assisted in relief efforts for the Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes, as well as the Tsunami in Japan. Most importantly, Altrusans give their time and resources in areas that are deemed most important in their local communities.

The Altrusa story is evolving every day through club accomplishments. When you visit any Altrusa club, you will see leadership and service in action.

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